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June 2018 - June Summer Celebration Luncheon

PPN celebrated the upcoming summer season with a luncheon at the Caboto Centre. Although the turnout was smaller than expected; those in attendance enjoyed the food, the camaraderie and the door prizes. Many thanks to those who contributed prizes for the draws, the door prizes and the $1 draw. Thanks to Amanda at the Caboto Centre for the special attention to our members with food allergies/issues. See you in September.

May 2018 - General Meeting Highlights

The May General Meeting was held on the 29th at the Caboto Centre.  The speaker for the meeting was Dr. Andrew Byrk, ND.  Dr Bryk is a naturopathic doctor who practices at this clinic in Winnipeg at 301 1200 Pembina Highway.  Dr. Bryk graduated from the four year Doctoral program at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto, Ontario.  Prior to his medical training Dr. Bryk obtained a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Manitoba.

Dr. Bryk presented a slide presentation called:  A Naturopathic Perspective on Nutritional Interventions for Post Polio Syndrome.  The presentation was very well received by the members present at the meeting. 

The presentation can be seen here: A Naturopathic Perspective on Nutritional Interventions for Post Polio Syndrome

A raffle was held after the presentation.


April 2018 - General Meeting Highlights

Post Polio Network (MB)’s April General meeting was held on April 24th 2018 at the Caboto Centre.  The speaker for the meeting was Allison Baird, president of SpeechWorks Inc. located in Winnipeg.   As a speech therapist Ms Baird often works with clients that have swallowing difficulties.  One of the after-effects of Polio can be swallowing difficulties.  After the presentation a raffle was held.  Thank you to those who donated to the raffle.

The following excerpts are taken from Ms Baird’s presentation to the group.  Ms. Allison Baird, SpeechWorks Inc. can be contacted at 204 231 2165.

In Allison Baird’s private practice she sees adults and children and deals with communication and swallowing difficulties.  She works a lot with the Northern Communities and works on camera so she can see the client and they can see her.  After receiving a request to consult with a client with swallowing problem she will talk with the person, watch them each different foods and drink liquids and by watching and listening to them she can figure out what is going on with their swallowing,

Post-polio syndrome is a cluster of disabling signs and symptoms that affect some people years after having polio.  Common signs and symptoms in the group at the meeting were:  progressive muscle or joint weakness and pain, fatigue, muscle wasting (atrophy), breathing of swallowing problems, and decreased tolerance of cold temperatures. 

In a study the people who participated had some weakness in the muscles of the mouth and throat that are responsible for speech and swallowing. These are the bulbar muscles and this suggested a deterioration of the bulbar neurons. (As in post polio syndrome).  Another study found that the presence and severity of the swallowing disorder was often grossly underestimated.  Swallowing difficulties may lead to airway obstruction and aspiration pneumonia.  Problems range from annoying to life threatening.

The three stages of swallowing include:  Oral Phase. During the oral phase, food is chewed and mixed with saliva to form a soft consistency called a bolus.  Pharyngeal Phase. During the pharyngeal phase, the vocal folds close to keep food and liquids from entering the airway. Esophageal Stage, the swallowing stage. With polio the muscles are weak and therefore cause the swallowing difficulties.  Studies recommend periodic moving x-ray studies to investigate changes in bulbar muscle function.

When asked “What do the members here do to help themselves with their swallowing difficulties?”  The following answers were given:  chewing a lot, stretching throat, always liquid at the meal, eat slowly and small bites, take time and there are some issues with phlegm.

March 2018 - General Meeting Highlights

The Annual General Meeting was held on March 27, 2018 at the Caboto Centre. Guests included Mr. D. Day, Manager, SMD Clearinghouse; Mrs K. Grabowecky, Executive Assistant, SMD Clearinghouse; Mr. A. Sharma, Manager of Regional Development, Manitoba (March of Dimes). Cheryl Currie, President PPN Board of Directors and Donna Remillard, Treasurer PPN Board of Directors were re-elected for another term. The Executive and the Program directotrs presented a report on the past year's events.

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