Meeting Highlights 2021


September 28th, 2021

The Post-Polio Network (MB) Inc. held their September 2021 General Meeting at the Caboto Centre.   

This was the first time that a meeting had been held since November Winter Celebration of 2019. 

The COVID – 19 Pandemic has resulted in many changes in our lives.  At the September General Meeting COVID restrictions on gatherings were followed; masking when not seated at table or eating and maintaining social distancing.

Using round tables and limiting to 4 people to a table and having the meeting in a larger room went a long way to help with social distancing.

Lunch of sandwich and salad was served to those attending.  Coffee and Tea were also served.  

There was no guest speaker, and this was a social gathering and discussions among the group.  

One of the issues that were quite prevalent was the anxiety people had over the pandemic and the restrictions to our lives. 

We discussed how we were coping with these restrictions and limitations.   There was a draw, and three door prizes were won. 

Next General Meeting is October 26 at the Caboto Centre on Wilkes