Meeting Highlights - 2019


April 30, 2019

The Post Polio Network (MB) Inc. held their April General Meeting at the Caboto Centre and there was good attendance to listen to our guest speaker.  Our Vice President, Wes Hazlitt, filmed the session and it was broadcasted live on Facebook. 

Our guest speaker was Krista Paulson, Physiotherapist, Certified Hand Therapist and an Acupuncture provider.  Ms. Paulson is a co-owner of EastCity Physiotherapy located at 1123 St. Mary’s Rd. in Winnipeg. 

In her opening remarks she noted that after the initial Physiotherapy degree, it takes 5years to become a certified hand specialist (CHT).  The CHT is a misnomer in that the specialty is hands to shoulder treatment.

She discussed:

1. Trigger Finger

Trigger finger concerns the link between the muscles in the forearm to the tendons to “pulley’s in hands and fingers.  It is the friction between tissues (tendon & pulley) that causes the tendon to get thicker and thusly having problems moving thru the pulleys causing the trigger finger effect.  Trigger finger is common in mobility aid users.  Treatment is custom hand splints (worn at night for mobility aid users)  that can alleviate the problem in about 6 weeks, or longer depending on the progression of the condition.  Steroid injections   are used as well as surgical intervention.

2. Guyon's Canal Syndrome

Guyon's canal  is caused by entrapment of the ulnar nerve in the Guyon canal as it passes through the wrist causing issues with the ring finger and baby finger numbness. (Carpal tunnel syndrome is caused by the medial nerve)Guyon’s is common in mobility aid users due to pressure on the heel of the hand.This syndrome can be confirmed with nerve conduction testing.Treatment is custom splints that go from the hand up the forearm (worn at night for mobility aid users), padding on handles to off load pressures on the nerve, and surgical intervention

3. Disuse Atrophy

Weakness can be caused by disuse and then because of weakness the hand is disused.   This also occurs naturally as one ages.  It is a fine motor skill weakness and there are detailed specific exercises designed for fine motor skill tasks.

4. General Tips on Advocacy

Patients should know that it is okay to:

-tell your story to your health care provider

-ask questions of your health care provider and mirror back responses to ensure understanding

-ask for more information; i.e. suggest a book or a website to provide additional information

-AND get a second opinion to ensure that you make an informed decision.


This event was recorded live and streamed to our Facebook page. You can view that video here:

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March 2019 Annual General Meeting


Post Polio Network (MB) Inc. held their 32nd Annual General Meeting on March 26th,2019. The meeting was held at Caboto Centre, 1055 Wilkes Ave, Winnipeg.

The AGM was conducted by the president, Cheryl Currie and reports were received from the Executive Committee and the Committee Co-ordinators

Elections were held for open positions on the Board of Directors. Mr Wes Hazlitt was nominated for the position of Vice President and acclaimed as the new VicePresident.

It was announced by our FundRaising Co-ordinator, Doug Mihalyk that we had Kinsman Kin Kar tickets to sell if any member wished to promote their sale. Our thanks to all that volunteered to sell these tickets.

At the end of  the meeting a raffle took place. Our thanks to all who donated prizes for the raffle